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    Alpine.js Essentials

    Alpine.js is a relatively new JavaScript framework for defining behavior directly in your markup. While similar to frameworks like Angular and Vue, you may find that Alpine is a bit more light-weight


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    How We Work - TailwindCSS

    @adamwathan from TailwindCSS put together a detailed document on their workflow and project management approach using @basecamp


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    Micro frontends | Technology Radar | ThoughtWorks


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    20 Years of Product Management in 25 Minutes

    Still one of my favourite talks about product management by @davewascha


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  5. Shoutout to @jdan 🙌 for making Windows98 themed CSS library

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    Good Enough Architecture by Stefan Tilkov

    Sums up lot projects I’ve seen over the years.
    Its must watch if you have anything to do software architecture.

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